January 2018


The first half of Ecclesiastes 9:10 says this, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might”.   At CMRC we, and myself personally, have a philosophy that goes something like this:

If I see a need that is commendable and we believe it might be possible
to meet that need we will give it a try with God’s help.  

Many times I am presented with needs when I am on a mission’s trip to other countries. On a recent trip to Cuba I was told about a 6 year old boy named Enoc who was almost deaf. Enoch could not talk well and could hear very little.

Michel, our IT person in Cuba, told me about him and since I wear hearing aids, he wondered if there was a chance I might be able to find some used ones for him. Enoc has another problem with slightly deformed ears and the large old bulky hearing aids in Cuba could not stay on his ears and did not work.

I heard about Enoc on Wednesday and knew that our CMRC Chairman was coming on the following Monday so I sent numerous emails with photos and tests to our friend Alan Neff in Guelph, Ontario who fits hearing aids. On Monday the Stanlake’s arrived with one hearing aid. On Thursday I placed the aid into Enoc’s ear. He was all smiles and could hear very well.

It will take time for him to adjust but a week later his parents report that he is using the aid while in school and is thrilled with being able to hear. Another amazing thing about this situation is that Hurricane Irma can be given part of the credit. As I explained to Enoc, the Stanlake’s were delayed by one week because of Irma’s damage and that gave Alan the time to program the aid and get it to me in Cuba.

Thank you for your support for CMRC. It is because of you that Enoc can hear.
Doug Springer


Prison Chaplain William
Santa Clara Cuba

“I lived my life as a thief, robbing wallets, purses, and everything that smelled money. The police busted me and I was judged and sentenced to 3 years in prison for what I did.There in prison, my life started to do downhill even more as I used drugs and alcohol every day – in that way I messed up my life so much more. When I left prison my life became worse as I add the drugs and alcohol to my thieving life.

Two years after I left prison on March 9th of 2004, one person – I don’t remember his name and I never saw him again – shared the wonderful gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ with me and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

I still don’t know and I can’t explain what happened in my life that day. It was very strange. Suddenly I felt a huge change, I was another person. The old William just disappeared instantly and is now completely different because of Jesus. He changed my life. I started a new life.

By 2008 I felt the need or “calling” to visit the jail to share the gospel, the light of Jesus Christ to all the prisoners because I really wanted these people to have the chance to know the Lord and start a new life.

Today I’m the chaplain of two jails where I’m preaching the gospel. I help some prisoners mail letters and other practical things as well as teaching Bible studies. I’m the chaplain of a pediatric hospital and an oncology clinic as well. In the last two years my wife has been  ministering with me helping to share the gospel to all.” the kids and their parents.



Team Peru 2018 will complete construction on Soldier’s of Jesus Pentecostal Church. In 2016 Pastor Jhony Saboy bought a piece of land 12 feet wide by 75 feet long, and dedicated it to build a church but has not had the money for materials. CMRC donors have provided the funding.

Presently the church program meets in the first floor of Pastor Jhony’s own house which at this time of year has 5 feet of water in it due to the Amazon River’s annual flooding.

As well the Team will help with a children’s home in need of repair – doors, painting, mosquito nets, washroom upgrades. The home is located about 1 hour upriver from Iquitos.  All of this could not be possible without your support. Please consider donating to help the Team cover ministry costs – the funding that enables these projects to happen.


Prayer Points

Pastor Jhony Saboy and his wife Raquel have three children.

Their church is 2 years old. There are 20 adult members and 20 children coming to this church.

Pray that they can reach more people in their community with the new building CMRC is constructing.