May 2019

  Janet and Peters Fathers
with Pastor Reynaldo and Lorainy – Florida, Cuba

My husband Peter and I just spent one week with “Pastor Dooglass” in Cuba, on our first time short term mission trip. Peter helped out in the building of a church
while l provided advanced foot care to ingrown nails, callused and diseased feet.

The local pastors opened their house/church to any in need. One would receive care and return with two others.  Many had never been to the church before and over two days l made visits to home bound seniors. Once again, three or four would crowd into one home for foot care before l could leave.

Most had never received foot care in spite of great need; one person had been walking around with a piece of glass embedded in their foot; another had his lower leg amputated and the wound was unable to heal without proper care. Dressing supplies were provided and with an interpreter we were able to teach self care and show others Christ’s love and often pray with them.

We love the Cuban people, and God willing, hope to return!
It was a privilege to be Christ’s hands extended!

Peru Computer Education Program

Last month we introduced you to two new students in CMRC’s Computer Education program. Now meet Paola Sinuiri, also one of the new students:

My name is Paola. I am 19 years old and was born in Iquitos in the Regional Hospital of Loreto.

I met God when I was a child. I go to church since I have a reason and currenlty I am in the ministry of music and choreography in my church. I accepted Jesus when I was 8 years old on February 15, 2008 in a children’s camp in Llanchama, a community a few hours from Iquitos.

I am currently the leader of a group of young people in my church where I have the position of vice president and I lead in some meetings. I also support the children’s ministry in the children’s cast. I was baptized on April 14, 2013 and I continue serving the Lord today.

As we all know, education plays a vital role in a person’s ability to earn an income and provide life’s necessities, like food and shelter. Please make a donation today towards helping these girls do just that.

Prayer Points

~ Doug Springer will be traveling to Cuba the end of May 29th for his semi annual visit with our supported pastors and churches.

~ CMRC’s Annual General Meeting is May 28th. Our Board of Directors will discuss the business aspects of our ministry and plan for future ministry opportunities.