March 2018
Volunteering for Jesus


Elkin Sierra and wife Joice Camacho met in Bogota, Colombia when Elkin was studying for his Master’s degree in Linguistics. After finishing his Masters, he went to England as a Spanish assistant through a scholarship from the British Council.

Upon returning to Columbia Elkin had a dream to study for his PhD in an English speaking country.  Soon their families and pastor started to pray and God’s response was Canada. After applying, Elkin won a Linguistics scholarship from Western University in London.

In July 2012 Elkin and Joice were married following which, on August 18, Elkin moved to London alone as Joice was finishing her degree in Technological design. The following April Joice joined Elkin as she also received a scholarship to study for her Masters.

After six years of working on his doctorate thesis on the relationship between Japanese and Spanish, Elkin finally defended it on January 23 of 2018. He said “Our dreams have come true thanks to our faith and our prayers. Now, we are waiting for a new response: a good job for us here in Canada“.

Elkin has loved computers since he was a child. Here in Canada, he decided to start a project, along with his home church in Colombia to teach children age 9 and 10 who live on the dumps how to use computers. Ridge View Community Church, his home church in London, Ontario, suggested he partner with CMRC.

Over the past 3 years Elkin has reprogrammed over 70 used laptops that were donated to CMRC by Fully Managed in Vancouver.  While CMRC has taken the majority of these laptops to Cuba, Peru and Guatemala, we have also given Elkin laptops for the program in Columbia. Elkin and Joice’s church in Bogota will be in charge of teaching these children how to use the tools of a computer, the benefits of the internet and basic coding.

Thanks to Elkin and Joyce and Fully Managed, CMRC is helping many people become computer literate and improve their situation in life. Thank you Elkin for all your hard work in reprogramming laptops for Jesus.


Cuban Pastor Sponsorship

Pastoral support is a large part of the ministry CMRC provides in Cuba. Monthly support means pastors can devote more time to their congregations instead of working full time.

We do need two more sponsors to fill the gap left by those who can no longer continue their support for various reasons. You can find out more about our ministry in Cuba here. Send us an email or donate here:

Classroom Computer Project – Meet Ana

February saw young three women commence studies in our Classroom Computer Project in Iquitos. Over the next three months we will introduce them to you.


I am Ana Luz Manihuari Ceba. I am 19 years old. I was born in the community of Centro Industrial District of Fernando Lores along the Amazon River in Peru. I currently live in Iquitos, capital of the Peruvian Amazon.

My parents are Joaquin Chavez and Domitila and I am the youngest among my eleven siblings – three of them have died. I love playing volleyball and I enjoy listening to Christian music and learning more about the word of God.

When I finished high school I wanted to continue my studies, but for three and half years was unable to. I applied for the CMRC scholarship to study computing and I was selected by the grace of God. CMRC has given me the opportunity to learn computer skills which has made me feel happy and now I am enthusiastically studying.

One beautiful afternoon when I was 18 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and He gave a true direction to my existence. I currently attend the church “Capernaum”.

In the future, with my newly acquired knowledge, my desire is to get a job and then continue studying. Later I would like to study medicine or nursing and fulfill my desire to begin a shelter for abandoned children.


Prayer Points

Alexey and Lanny Carbonell and their son Carlos live in Cienfuegos. In his local church Alexey leads two house churches in different areas – in Cienfuegos in the neighborhood of Pastorita and in the area of Guanaroca – in evangelism and as a youth pastor.

They consider it a privilege and are filled with gratitude that the Lord sees them as worthy of serving in His work on this earth.




~ Pray for Ana enrolled in the Classroom Computer Project that she will be encouraged as she studies to improve her future vocational opportunities.

~ Doug Springer’s trip to Guatemala in the end of April.

~ A medical team of 21 from Kitchener, Ontario will be going to Guatemala for 10 days in April / May. Pray for safety and opportunity to minister in the poor areas.

~ A ministry team of ten from St Thomas, Ontario will be going to Honduras in June. Pray for the team preparations.

~ Doug Springer’s planned spring trip to Cuba in May.

~ Pray for Doug Springer and Cesar César Arreaga of Guatemala Bible Seminary as they prepare for to speak at a 3 day conference in Cusco Peru in July.