September 2017




We continued to hear from our supported pastors in Cuba. None have been injured that we know of. One pastor had his roof badly damaged in Holguin – other pastors report damage to their homes and churches.


 Oziel is one of our supported workers in Santa Clara in Cuba. He oversees 6 pastors for CMRC. He writes:

“I was hoping to go to the homes of Pastor Otto and Pastor Jorge Luis, however, the main highway is blocked by the huge amount of trees pulled up, fallen electrical wires, and the road was damaged as well. Yesterday I was finally able to call and talk to them directly.


Otto said they are alive thanks to the Lord and that only the trees and plants were destroyed but that their house remained standing despite being in such bad condition. He said that his daughter, who works with her husband picking garlic and onions, is pregnant. They all had to evacuate their home during Irma.

Pastor Jorge Luis in Esperanza said that they passed the cyclone in their house/church along with 10 other people whose homes were not strong. They did notice that the roof of the church that CMRC recently repaired is leaking again.

Pastor Geobani had no damage to his house other than some downed trees in the courtyard, however, one of the churches near the Santa Clara airport lost it’s roof.

William (a prison Chaplain) is living in a rented house, and although it is not in good condition there was no damage.

Joaquin and Delza in Holguin live in a house with wooden ceilings which is in bad condition and is in danger of collapse. At this time it withstood Irma but plaster from the walls and ceiling broke off.

Nouri’s (a prison chaplain) house is solid cement and had no problems. Thanks to the Lord.

In each village there are many damaged buildings but the bigger problem now is that there is no electricity or water. Food is very scarce because the fields were devastated. The little food available is so expensive that most people don’t have enough money to buy any. The international airport of Santa Clara lost most of it’s roof and still has not resumed flights.

We do not cease to praise God and thank him for the way he took care of us and we pray that the United States will hold on in the difficulties left by Irma. Please continue to pray for us and all Cubans because it is a national disaster here.

Greetings to all the brothers and sisters in Canada who are close to you and love us. We salute them in the love of our Saviour Jesus Christ.”

Oziel and Maria Elenaz

Iquitos, Peru

We speak often of women’s and children’s ministry but not so much the men. God gave Keny Ojanama a desire to bring absent men – grandfathers, fathers, and brothers back to a strong relationship with the Lord through a two day course equipping pastors.

The men’s conference was to teach pastors how to work with men in the church and build strong congregations with faithful families. There is a crisis in Peru, in the cities, society and families because the men are not  taking their own responsibility to be real men in God’s hand and to be a real instrument that God will use for his purpose.

Two pastors from Camino de Vida Church lead the conference, with thirteen pastors taking on the challenge to apply the teaching themselves personally to be an example to the men in their own churches.

Some of the pastors had this to say:

Ps. Alcides Taricuarima (Esmirna Church): “I am so excited to start this process and thank you for having this conference in my church.” Ps. Alchides is pictured top right.

Ps. David Canayo (Berra Church): “Thank you for inviting me to this conference. I am pleased to learn how to maximize my becoming a man of God.”

Ps. Edwin Sinarahua (Indiana Church, traveled an hour down the Amazon river): “Thanks Lord for bringing these two men to teach these things because I can feel this is great for my personal life and my children and church”



Laptop computers for girl’s living in poverty who are enrolled in our Computer Education Program. We need good laptops that will accept Windows 10. Please email for more information

Prayer Points

~ Pray for Alezis, Milca Rico and their children Rubén and Verónica who live in Casino de la Playa in Cuba. 

Their church, located in a community of farmers was founded thirteen years ago. Their vision is to reach the whole community for Jesus Christ. By planting churches in various communities people will not have to travel to hear the Word of God


~ Pray for Doug Springer traveling to Peru in October and Cuba in November.

~ Pray for those affected by hurricane Irma, especially our brothers and sisters in Cuba.