February 2018

Short Term Missions Team to the Peruvian Amazon

One week ago our team of 7 Canadians plus 2 Peruvian CMRC staff completed 2 weeks ministering in very practical ways in Iquitos, in the Peruvian Amazon.

We spent our time working alongside our Peruvian friends and sharing our time with them. Our first project was traveling 1 1/2 hours up river to an orphanage of 28 boys where we painted, put mosquito screens on their rooms and helped teach the boys basic carpentry skills.

The next project was to build a new home for Theresa, a very poor widow and her family.

Our major project was to be building a church in a poor neighborhood but because of the water problems we were not able to complete. Local pastors and the men from the congregation will complete the construction over the next few months. Personally I performed 2 weddings and my wife Marni and I walked 2 other couples down the aisle.

Executive director
Doug Springer

Team Members Kathy and Jack McCallum summarized their thoughts:


“Words fall short to describe our experience on the CMRC journey to Iquitos, Peru. Living with our team family and ministering
to the people of Iquitos each day demonstrated our need for God’s guidance and our awe at His divine provision.

The gentle and gracious reception we received from everyone gave us great privilege to be with them and learn of their lives, their challenges, and their hardships.

We are taking the people of Iquitos home with us in our hearts and pray that CMRC will continue to be the Lord’s messengers of Good News.”




Building a home for a widow living in poverty

Our team was introduced to Theresa, her daughter, and grandchildren through her pastor in Iquitos. Widowed twelve years ago, her home was in much need of repair.

Roof leaks, rotting floor boards, and minimal privacy within the home. Paul, a local carpenter, repaired the roof and floors prior to our arrival so the team could build walls, install a window and most important, a lockable front door.

Her smile speaks her gratitude.


Church Construction






Pastor Jhony Sabova had a difficult moment in his life where he came close to dying. He prayed: “Lord if you allow me to live, I will obey you and be in the ministry.” So after he recovered Jhony started Soldier’s of Jesus Pentecostal Church.

In 2016 he was able to purchase a piece of land 4 meters wide by 25 meters long, and dedicated the land to build a church. Now, two years later, the men on our team build scaffolding and assembled rebar cages in preparation for the cement pour. Thanks to a Canadian business man for making the build possible.


Girasoles Boys Home

Walter and Julia Yumbato (and son Banny) are Directors at the Girasoles Boys Home along the Itaya River one and a half hours up river Iquitos.

The Girasoles is home to twenty eight boys aged three to seventeen.

Pray that Walter and Julia are effective in providing a stable home environment for these boys left abandoned or unwanted by their parents through the Word of God, schooling, and life skills.

CMRC board member Ken Koronovich was
on his first overseas trip with CMRC:

“There is no way you can overstate the benefit to mind & spirit of a short term mission trip. The trip to Peru was a perfect example. This was truly a chance to mentor and be mentored.

The people we met and worked with have a sense of pride in themselves and the work they are doing. The things they are accomplishing with basic tools, ingenuity and determination is an absolute joy to see. The level of care and skill is another reminder that we are all called to do our best.

It is remarkable that even when language fails (for non-Spanish speakers) there is a witness in your spirit that you are with the Family of God and that you are sharing in the greater work of the Church. It is very cool. What is even more eye-opening is the commonality we share when it comes to regular everyday tasks like wiring rebar cages, putting up scaffolding, and sinking supports into the mud. A smile and thumbs up from the head honcho means a great deal.

Working at the Girasoles orphanage we had a chance to mentor the next generation in basic repair and construction skills. There was a real joy when I heard that the kids there were carrying on the repair and painting work after we left.

Building walls at the widow’s house. Giving her a door with a lock and key. Providing a measure of safety for her, her daughters and their kids. Seeing the smile as the pictures were hung and it became more like home meant more than anything. The smile was the best thank you of all.

I can’t wait for the next opportunity to help.”

Prayer Points

~ Pray for Team Mission Peru 2018 who have now returned home to share their experience of lending a hand in Jesus’ name to those less fortunate.

~ Pray for wisdom and discernment for the CMRC Board of Directors who oversee spiritual and financial aspects of the ministry.

~ Pray for the Pastors and workers in Cuba