May 2017
Team Mission Trip Iquitos, Peru


                                                                         Marañon River merchant


Our March team engaged in construction, teaching, preaching, and praying.
Single mom Blanca’s home underwent a makeover while Pastor Alchide’s house,
attached to the back of Esmirna Church, received brightly painted rooms,
ceiling and bathroom repairs, and new beds. See more about Pastor Alchide below.

Encouraging those right where God has them planted is a major theme for CMRC.
Supporting local pastors and churches is right there as well.

Read the words of David Hartman and Ken Janzen as they reflect on
roads traveled, lives intersected, and hearts changed.



“God is so good. We started this trip with Him and ended with Him.
Everything in between was full of His blessing!

If I take any one thing away from this experience, and there are many, it’s this…
You cannot lose being obedient to God. Don’t try to figure things out.
Don’t wait to see your way clear. If you will obey him, he will walk with
you through whatever you are going to face. He will enable you to face it
confidently and assuredly. He will reward you for your obedience.

So, as someone close to me once told me, as you follow Him, go where you’ve
never been before, Do what you’ve never done before, give more than
you’ve ever given before, (money, time, love, devotion), surrender what
you’ve held tight, love those you’ve never loved before, forgive those you
have failed to forgive, trust Him for what you’ve never trusted Him for,


It’s our choice, am I willing to trust and obey?”

Dios te bendiga
Ken Janzen


David and Ken experiencing a mototaxi ride in Iquitos.

“This was my fifth mission trip to a third world country and first trip to Peru. Each trip

I’ve  been on a spiritual journey and a spiritual refreshing. I always come home renewed
in my relationship with Christ and feeling humbled that we in Canada have so much.

The people of Peru are very hard-working and are very loving. I remember at an
evening service out in the jungle how everyone came and hugged us and kissed
on the cheek. Another highlight for me was our final night of prayer with Blanca,
a single mom whose house we did a total home makeover on. She was so thankful
for her Christian brothers and the help that they provided and was in tears that
she prayed for us and blessed us.

The people of Peru are so hard-working. We met an airport check-in attendant
who works 6 days a week and then in his spare time drives taxi.  I encourage anyone
who hasn’t been on a mission trip to go on one – you just can’t imagine how
renewed and transformed you will be.”

David Hartman


Peru Flooding Disaster

Thank you to everyone who prayed and who gave to help the victims of the flooding in Peru. Camino de Vida, our partner church in Lima, sent a team to the Piura region with humanitarian aid, a clean water station, and to build latrines.

Donors gave $ 6,338.00 of which 100% went directly to aid the victims with food, shelter, medication and other items. Thank you.



Doug Springer was in Guatemala working with César Arreaga at Guatemala Bible Seminary in Chimaltenango producing videos for the Seminary. The videos will be  used to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the reformation.

CMRC is upgrading GBS’s video production facilities to produce in HD as well as encourage and teach students to use technology in their ministry.

CMRC’S partnership with the Seminary is strong and we will continue to work together.



Prayer Points

~ Pastor Alcides Taricuarima Piña and Betty, in the centre of the picture below, have three children. They have ministered at Esmirna Church for eleven years. Their vision is to make disciples through building relationships.



Pray for God’s provision in providing for their family and for those in Esmirna in evangelism training.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father and
of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Matthew 28:19