September 2018


Cucso, Peru

In July Doug Springer and Guatemala Bible Seminary professor, César Arrega, presented at Conferencia Vida (Life) 2018 in Cusco, Peru. César is also our Guatemalan Associate and writes:

“I had the honor to see up close how CMRC provides useful resources to satisfy the need for technical and professional audiovisual training to churches and ministry workers.

I watched how every participant arrived to be guided and instructed in the audiovisual production process. They came from several churches to live and share together as a family in Christ for several hours a day. They allowed me as a friend to live amoungst them and understand the importance of generating a work of excellence and where everyone is important.

What I need to say to you is thank you for being part of the process in the lives of the youth and brothers of Cusco. Your contributions and offerings of love provided education and resources to be used in the church and above all, to let them understand that we love them and that they are important in building the church of Jesus Christ.

CMRC is an agent of change and generator of ideas, dreams, and passion for doing things with excellence. I feel very grateful to be part of the mission of God through CMRC.”



God can use you abroad – in Peru. Your willing heart and helping hands.
There are always many God moments, seeing Him at work in unexpected ways.
Pray together, work together, laugh together. Join our team.

Girl’s Computer Education

Peruvian Associate Karen Rojas coordinates CMRC’s Computer Education program which is available to young woman living in poverty nominated by their pastor. She writes:

“The girls will be finishing their computing studies next month. Their course study has included Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Data Management. I visit Senati College regularly to review the girl’s progress.”

A new class of students is expected to commence in November.


Summer is always a slow time in receiving donations. This year has been no exception.
Please consider making a donation to CMRC and help us continue with the ministry
projects you see here, plus many other opportunities that God brings us.


Prayer Points

Our Peruvian Associate and his wife Marisol are expecting their first baby – a girl due in October. Please pray that Marisol’s pregnancy will go well as they are overjoyed at becoming parents.

Keny is our “man on the ground” in Peru, facilitating short term mission teams, managing the Paul Springer pastor resource library, and as a liaison to pastors.


~ Pray for Doug Springer and board member Dennis Curley as they travel to Cuba from September 11th to 18th to meet with pastors and record some interviews for our new updated ministry video. Watch for it.

~ Doug Springer will be speaking at Spring Bay Pentecostal church on Manitoulin Island on September 30th. If you are nearby be sure to meet Doug and hear what we are doing first hand.

~ CMRC is partnering with a church in the City of Bogota, Colombia to provide computer training to children living in poverty surrounding the church. We are planning on traveling to Bogota in mid-November to set up the classroom and investigate possible future partnerships with the local churches. Please pray for wisdom with this endeavor.

~ Pray that those God is speaking to about going to Peru in January will respond to that urging and apply to go.