February 2020
Iquitos, Peru

Our team of five from Southern Ontario went to Iquitos to finish building a church, do children’s ministry, prison ministry, and other good things.

Here are some Team Peru 2020 team member’s personal reflections:

Anne Hahn

Team Peru 2020 provided an amazing opportunity to meet God’s people face to face in their home communities. I was thrilled to be able to spend three days in the same poverty stricken area while the men built a fine church.

Playing with familiar little faces each day and developing relationships with precious children was so rewarding. Unexpected grins and smiles were heart warming!

I had the chance to address ladies who were serving time in prison. What joy to be able to hug individuals whose hearts I was able to touch through my message! Visiting the drug holes in Iquitos was a revelation, but the openness of the addicts to receive us into their realm and to ask for our prayers was so moving.

We experienced God’s love at work first hand.

David Hartman

This was my second mission trip to Iquitos Peru and it was just as rewarding and exciting as my first trip.
Each day had its own highlights but painting nail polish on the ladie’s nails in a woman’s prison was an unexpected surprise.
The first week we helped finish building the exterior walls, widows, doors, and porch of a church in a poor area of the city. On Sunday we celebrated the grand opening of the church and the Pastor was in tears. He was so thankful.
Going to the drug hole at night required me to trust that Jesus would protect us, but adjusting to the smells was something else. We prayed over a lady who was a drug pusher. She was struggling with right and wrong and thought she was not good enough to accept Jesus. She accepted Jesus that night and was going to attend church the following Sunday with our friends.
This was a trip of a lifetime, people were so friendly and wanted prayer.
We had experiences that only God could orchestra.

Dave Thiessen

Going to Peru with CMRC, definitely has changed my life. Having been on other missions trips to Haiti and Kenya, this one did stand out.

Working directly with and through local individuals and their ministries afforded our team and I unique opportunities. Opportunities that expanded and drew me out of my comfort to rely on Jesus. I was encouraged and emboldened to share my testimony on multiple occasions, including at the men’s and women’s prisons.

I was certainly intimidated at first, but so thankful to be able to share Christ’s hope that I so desperately needed as well. I really appreciated that our ‘group’, became a ‘team’ very quickly with good leadership and daily reflections.

Its so easy to be distracted nowadays, but there is nothing like stepping out in faith, serving for the Lord, and being in his presence. If you have not been on a short term missions trip, I would encourage you to start praying as these experiences last a lifetime and the investment will last forever.

Prayer Points

~ Pray for Pastor Alcides Amias and the Missionary Evangelical Church of Prophecy in Iquitos whose church we just completed.

After the first site visit last fall he wondered if we would be back – he has been disappointed before.

Now with the new church building not only will it not flood, but the community has a gathering place for more than just regular Sunday services.