June 2018


Guatemala Medical Mission team


The team of 21 extremely passionate people have completed a 10 day medical missions trip to Guatemala. While in Guatemala they provided free medical care and medication to over 2000 people. This is their twelfth year providing care and health teaching. Many of the people in the clinics received instruction so they could learn more about their diabetes, blood pressure and how to care for minor wounds.


Doug Springer meet up with the team while with César Arrega, a professor at Guatemala Bible Seminary and CMRC’s point person in Guatemala. Cesar and Doug spent the week preparing 9 seminars on Video Production in the Church, that they will teach during a conference in Cusco Peru.




Classroom Computer Project – Meet Viviana

In a recent Program for International Student Assessment exam, Peru ranked last of the participating 65 developing countries in math, science, and reading comprehension. The failing grade in educational quality is a motivator towards CMRC’s Computer Classes for Young Women in Poverty scholarship program.

My name is Viviana Paulina Mejía Pedroza. I am 19 years old and live in Iquitos.

I was born in the province of Requena, in a small town that has the same name Requena. I grew up under the care of my grandmother and now live with my aunt (who is like my mother) and three nephews who are like my brothers. My favorite hobbies are playing volleyball, playing with my nephews and serving in Sunday school.

One day after I came to live with my aunt and uncle, I heard my uncle praying. It was the moment, when my uncle explained to me about the love of Jesus, that I accepted Jesus.

I want to continue growing in the Christian life and after finishing this course, get a job to continue studying and later become a nurse. The CMRC scholarship is a blessing that I could never have imagined. It is a joy for us girls who are studying together because we did not have the economic possibilities to study the careers that we wanted. This is an opportunity and blessing given by our Lord and we also thank our brothers and sisters from Canada and the CMRC team for giving us the scholarship to study and make our dreams come true. I plan to teach others what I have learned and continue to prepare myself more to be useful in society.



Prayer Points

~ Pray for Doug Springer as he leads a mission team of 10 from St. Thomas Pentecostal Church in Ontario to Honduras June 2 to 9th.

~ Pray for Cuban pastors as a New President has been elected and some change is likely.

~ Pray for Doug Springer and César Arreaga from Guatemala as they head to Cusco Peru July 3 -11 for a media conference. Pray for safety and for clarity as they share with pastors and church leaders over three days in the Andes mountains.