March 2019

Team Peru 2019 member Cam Thompson reflects back:

“What is it like working in Iquitos Peru? For me, to work on construction projects, with daily temperatures around 30 degrees and 80% humidity is a bit of a stretch, but I wanted to go and do what I could. And I feel blessed that I did. We had a great first week in getting a church building finished and then having the dedication service on Sunday.

The second week did not work out as planed but God had other things he wanted us to do. We were to work on a pastor’s home with material that was delivered there, but the base work was not ready. We worked on it one day and then went to went to minister with a couple of other mission groups in Iquitos.”

“First we went to an area of the city, where the police will not even go at night, but we were kept safe. It is what is called a “drug hole”. A Christian lawyer that works with the people of Belen, took us in to do ministry – a place you never venture into at night. I have never been in such a place where people all around us are either high on drugs or drunk. We had a short service, then prayed for the many who stayed to listen. What a mission field and work that needs to be done.

Later we visited a girls orphanage – the only one in Iquitos. We heard stories and met 12 and 13 year old girls that have been abused and are now having babies. The stories just broke my heart as I thought of my own grand-kids. I pray for them everyday that funds will come in and that the staff will be able to keep these sweet girls safe.

I thank God daily for the things that I have seen and experienced while on this trip.”


This April, in partnership with CMRC, a medical team of 20 will once again visit Guatemala conducting free clinics and teaching healthy living classes. Many of the people in the clinics will receive instruction to better understand their diabetes, blood pressure and how to care for minor wounds.

In many areas of Guatemala, health care is limited and poverty restricts those able to access it’s services.

Doug Springer will be going to Guatemala at the same time to be with the medical team and work with CMRC Associate César Arrega. Cesar will produce a new teaching series at Guatemala Bible Seminary for distribution to pastors in Cuba and Peru during this time. These theology courses are presented by seminary professors and will be a valuable resource to pastors who have little access to Christian material.

CMRC’s ministry activities are quite varied, though very much pastor and church focused. Here are some current projects:

* Rebuilding Pastor Otto’s home/church in Cuba that was literally being     eaten by termites and in danger of falling down.

* Monthly support of 21 pastors, 2 Chaplains and 2 children’s workers in Cuba.

* Ongoing support to the pastor’s library in Iquitos which provides teaching and study resources, computers, video courses and internet access.

* Seminary Course video production in Guatemala.

Your support enables these ministries and so much more. Please make a donation to CMRC today.

Prayer Points

~ Pray for Doug Springer with Peter and Janette Fathers from Manitoulin Island who will visit Cuba the first week of April. They will be visiting some churches and pastors who CMRC partners with.

~ A twenty person medical team to Guatemala in May

~ Doug Springer with Cesar and the Medical Team in Guatemala in May