Pastor Jhony

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"I was sick for four years. One day as I was crying before the Lord I said Lord, if you will heal me, when I get healthy, I promise I will be serving you. I will be working for you and starting a church ministry here in my own house. One day I would like to have a piece of property to build your house, Lord.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “Ok you will serve me but do not say you have nothing, that you do not have a house and how you will start a ministry…because everything is mine. So you just need to be obedient to my Word"

Over the next few years I built my house and started a church there. Some time later I felt it would be good to have a space for a church. With approximately 20 now attending Soldier's of Jesus Church and growing, my home space is inadequate and that is why the church building.

I was offered to purchase this piece of land (it's not really land because it's two meters of water the church is being built over). They wanted $4,000/Soles (approx. $1,300). I actually paid 400/S for the 4m x 20m space to build."

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