Peru 2010 rick Tyler 265For many years Rev. Doug Springer worked with other ministries and for a 3 year period pastored in Canada’s north.

During this time he visited many churches across Canada, the US, and around the world. In observing churches that were strong and mature he noticed that they all had one thing in common. They had a strong mission attitude and character.

Upon seeing this Doug felt compelled in 1995 to begin the ministry of Christian Missions Resource Centre. CMRC began its official ministry on July 4, 1996 when it received charitable status with the Canadian Government. Initially the main focus was to help Canadian churches to become vibrant and healthy through their involvement in missions, both overseas and nationally.

In it’s early years the mission partnered with World Thrust Ministries who were conducting seminars and taking short term teams from the US. In the years following CMRC has expanded its work to include ministry in over 25 countries through short term teams, local church consulting and video production for other missions agencies and churches.

CMRC’s major focus at present is to provide resources through practical gifts of help and support, as well as video training.