Girl’s Computer Scholarships

This Classroom Computer Project is geared to provide an educational resource for girls in poverty. CMRC  provides scholarship funding for enrollment in a government qualified educational institute.

The course is typically taught over six months to 2 years, depending on a student's progress. Upon completion graduates receive Microsoft certification.

Students from the Iquitos, Peru course had this to say:

"I am grateful for the infinite kindness of the CMRC scholarship program and also thankful for having granted me the scholarship and to be able to study, which was difficult for me because I did not have enough financial conditions to do it."     Angie

"I really thank the CMRC organization for granting me the scholarship and giving me the opportunity to study and get to have a technical career with which I can perform in the future. This will also serve me to transfer knowledge to others who need it. Thank you very much CMRC Rocksy

Educate a young woman with a skill which will be of significant value in the workplace and will result in employment opportunities