Hardship is the norm in Cuba. The main employer on the island is the government.

Along with massive layoffs, the government decided to release its hold on private businesses and many new small restaurants or small shops in front of people’s homes have sprung up.  The biggest problem is that the government still controls much of the supply chain that the people try to sell.

Many of the people who were laid off still have not found jobs and this does effect the churches which also effects the pastors and their families from the decrease in tithes. Many are still hungry and do not have money to buy the necessities of life.

Please pray for the churches and our pastors in Cuba. Maybe dig a little deeper and help us give to the church so they can buy beans and rice for those who will go hungry.

CMRC supports 23 pastors, jail chaplains and children’s workers and their families mainly in the central region in this island nation of over 11 million people. Working personally with Cuban pastors and church workers, the hundreds of house churches now being planted are provided Bible and theology courses on video and other training materials.

CMRC has a library with hundreds of videos, audio teachings and movies.

Resources for training church leaders, Bibles, study materials, and other items used in running the church. Ministries such as Living Truth, In Touch Canada, Focus on the Family, Alpha, CBN, Faithville, Promise Keepers Canada, and Tender Loving Care Ministries have graciously contributed resources.

Recently we were able to provide laptop computers to each of our pastors through a generous donation from Fully Managed, a Western Canada IT company. These laptops become very useful as the Cuban internet becomes more widely available.

The pastors and children’s workers you support through your prayers and finances are incredible people, reaching hundreds of lives with the gospel. It is humbling to think that God has given us the privilege of serving them. Thank you for helping to build up the Kingdom of God in Cuba.