Cuba Pastor’s Appreciation

Cubans are very grateful people. As access to the internet and technology become more readily available, their gratitude is expressed.
here are two letters from CMRC supported pastors.


We thank God for this awesome and lovely ministry (CMRC) that He gives to bless us.
My God bless you so much because my family has been blessed and we are very pleased/happy for this help that is covering many needs that we have during this time.

We are so happy for the computer (CMRC used laptop program) because it is very important for the ministry and as you know, in our own force, we can not to be able to buy this because it is very expensive. God has been good, because He chooses you to help us and support us with financial resources and it has been a big blessing to my family.

Part of this financial support we are saving because we want to celebrate the sweet 15th to my daughter. May God bless Douglas, your family and the ministry in where you are actually serving the Lord. We pray for you that God continues His blessing for you, and we remember that God blesses and loves a cheerful giver.

Carlos Castillo and Kirenia


Through this lines, we want to let you know how grateful we are because of all the financial support that we have
received from you, but in special the laptop computer that we received from the grace of God through your ministry.Reinier family with grandmother

This has been useful to us like a big blessing and support in our Theological Studies and children ministry. We never stop to pray for your open hands that extend to bless our lives. My God will pay you with many blessings and richness in His Glory.

My family says hello with deep love, from now and forever. Amen.

Pastor Reiniel Boivin & Ismara
Community: “Las quinientas” “The five hundreds”