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Serving as a catalyst to help leaders mobilize the local church to be more effective and involved in helping the world’s needy both spiritually and in practical gifts of help

    • Cuba

    • Pastors' Salaries

      Pastors' Salaries

      $35 month

      CMRC and its partners support pastors and their families from this island nation of over 11 million people. No administrative fees are taken. CMRC is working with Cuban pastors, church workers, and house churches in Cuba.

    • Gloria Digital Orchestra

      Gloria Digital Orchestra

      $500 each

      Gloria Digital Orchestra 4 – this incredible little machine can play over 650 hymns and choruses in 80 different instruments.

      It accompanies a Spanish hymn book but can also be used in English and other languages. We are asking churches and individuals to partner with us to provide these to churches in Cuba.

    • Solar Audio Bible

      Solar Audio Bible

      $35 each

      This compact solar powered audio player contains the full Spanish Bible along with hundreds of hours of teachings and children's programs. Ideal for the remote Peruvian jungle.

    • HDD Player

      HDD Player

      $150 each

      CMRC provides a library with hundreds of video and audio teachings and movies free of charge to pastors and church leaders in Cuba.


    • Peru

    • Build a Church in the Amazon.

      Build a Church in the Amazon.


      Build a wooden church in the Iquitos region of Peru for a congregation up to 200 people.

    • Pastor's Resource Centre Books

      Pastor's Resource Centre Books

      $50 x 8

      The Paul Springer Resource Center consists of a library and computer center for pastors and church leaders. New study books mean fresh learning opportunities.

    • All Countries

    • Leadership Development

      Leadership Development

      20 people @ $100

      Production of a seminary course on video at Guatemala Bible Seminary.

      These are distributed free to any church or pastor who desires them.