Short Term Missions

Short Term Missions



Through the experience of Patricia Stanlake, a regular team member:

“Why would I do a short-term mission project? Isn’t it better to give the money to the cause?  These were my questions many years ago, but after my first trip I believe that everyone should do one.

I want God to use me but I don’t have any professional or special skills (I can’t even paint well) to add to a mission team. There is always a job for me to do.

Working on a project for two weeks with people you may have just met is a great way to make new friends and have fun. Not only do we pray together each morning, but we also laugh a lot throughout the day.

I want to support our missionaries and national people. I can pray more effectively for them when I know firsthand their needs.

There are always many God moments, seeing Him at work in unexpected ways. Because of the passion that my husband and I have for short -term missions, two of my siblings are now involved in overseas work.

Should you give money instead of going on a mission’s project? No, everyone needs to do a trip and then you will want to give more, pray more and live more for God’s glory!”





CMRC facilitates short term mission teams on it’s projects. Acitivties vary according to the project, but the experience is always God inspiring.

If your church or youth group desires to do a mission trip, CMRC can help you make it happen!

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