Their Stories

Alfredo and Maria – Pisco, Peru

AlfredoMariaReadMoreAlfredo was affectionately known to us as the rock man.

Though their house in Pisco was demolished by a ravaging 8.0 earthquake, Alfredo, Maria, and their two girls escaped unharmed. Alfredo's work in the mountain mines required him to be away from home for periods of time.

“It was hard but I just left here and went far away to work. I considered myself poor and miserable because of the bad things I had in my life” says Alfredo  Read More.....

César Arrega - Guatemala

CesarCarinaFamilyReadMore"We are a regular family trying to serve the Lord with all our strength".  We are a kind of teamwork, my wife Carina and children in where everybody is trying to help each others.

Our family is growing up, and Esteban my son likes to play and run all day long.

 My little princess is Susanna, and she is discovering the world around her, it is funny and we really need a lot of energy to be with them. My precious wife is my "right hand" because she is with me working hard and she is supporting me in this ministry that we receive from the Lord.  Read More...

Rosario and Wilmer – Pisco, Peru

WilmarRosarioReadMoreRosario and Wilmer have 7 children – the youngest 4 years old. Their home was destroyed in the earthquake of August 2007. As earthquakes are common in Peru, they live wondering is it going to start again like the last big one?” 

Rosario grew up in the mountain region where there are no earthquakes. She and Wilmar now live in Pisco where he has a lot of brothers and sisters in the church.   Read More...


David Chavez & Duska Jovanovic - Urubamba, Peru

DavidDuskaReadMoreMy husband David and I came to Peru in January 1998 after having received the call of God to go to this beautiful country with its beautiful people. 

Originally we lived in Germany, serving in our little church in Munich (at that time it still was a Latino group) and at that time we had no intentions of going to Peru “ever”.   Read More...


Joshua and Ana - Florida, Cuba

JoshuaAnnaMy name is Josué Seide Haiti (Joshua). I was born in a Christian home in 1971. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

My father came from Haiti in 1951and my mother is a Haitian descendant who was born in Cuba. My father’s friends from Haiti would go visit with us very often and I got to understand French Creole language before starting primary school.  Read More...