Alfredo and Maria

Alfredo and Maria – Pisco, Peru

AlfredoMariaReadMoreAlfredo was affectionally known to us as the rock man.

Though their house in Pisco was demolished by a ravaging 8.0 earthquake, Alfredo, Maria, and their two girls escaped unharmed. Alfredo’s work in the mountain mines required him to be away from home for periods of time.

“It was hard but I just left here and went far away to work. I considered myself poor and miserable because of the bad things I had in my life” says Alfredo.

During a prayer of dedication for the new, post earthquake home CMRC built, Alfredo accepted Christ.

“Now I understand things and I love my family, my daughters. And I didn’t have that before.”

Maria says that before her husband became a Christian, “It was difficult with him leaving her and the girls to go work in the mines. He has changed a lot in his character and in the way he treated us. Now he is a husband very special, very wonderful. And we are both serving the Lord.”

These days, Alfredo is no longer a rock man. Left an inheritance when his father passed Alfredo moto taxiaway, Alfredo purchased a red moto taxi. Now self employed he no longer leaves home for the mines. “I’m just dedicated to my home, my family, my daughters.”

Known to share with neighbours in times of need, Alfredo and Maria are living examples of God’s grace and mercy.

Alfredo says “I think God is very pleased with me, and I am very thankful. Because God never forgot me even when I had so many mistakes in my life. He always watched my family.”